Children really do grow up incredibly fast and in the blink of an eye. you’ll have a pre-schooler standing where your tiny newborn once lay.

There’ll be so many phases that are adorable where you’ll think “We really should get family photographs sorted out soon.”

Did you know, though, that there are particular ages and stages that work particularly well for photographs?

Based on my experience, here are my recommendations on the ideal ages for a photo session in baby’s first year.



Rest assured that I can take beautiful photographs at any age. As part of the Pre session consultation we can discuss what you would like to achieve out of the session looking even at toys and items they especially enjoy so we can get the most out of them and the shoot on the day.




• Newborns

For newborn photography, I recommend either 7-10 days after their due date, or the baby’s six week milestone.


For natural photography at home or in the studio, it’s not necessary to have photographs taken any earlier than that – take the time to allow any jaundice to settle, as well as for your baby to adjust to the world and relax a bit.

• 3 Months

This is a great opportunity for a baby portrait.


At this age, babies are smiling and laughing, and can usually hold their heads up steadily and do mini push-ups.


A 3-month-old baby is starting to move, and recognise the sound of their parents’ voices – which can be helpful during a photo session.


Babies at this age tend to have more regular sleep patterns too, which makes it easier for you to predict a good start time the session.


They will also start smiling at strangers and are generally becoming more animated and engaging


6 months

Six months is a classic age for a family portrait. Babies are becoming more social, and have a different kind of look from very young babies. Six-month-old babies enjoy playing with their hands, and will explore toys and other objects – these are great photo opportunities, Your baby is also likely to be sitting at six months, which makes for gorgeous photographs..

Babies at 9 and 10 months old understand a lot of what’s being said, which can help with reassuring uncertain babies during a portrait session. At 10 months, your baby may be able to stand momentarily without support, and their personalities will really be coming out.


• 12 Months Old / toddling\walking

Your child will be getting ready to take their first steps, or they might already be walking. Your baby will respond to simple instructions and suggestions, helping to engage your baby throughout the photo session.


A cute toddler just walking must be one of the cutest things on the planet! This is a lovely age to capture your child’s emerging interests and playing with their favourite teddys and toys.

So, in summary:


  • 7-10 days: so fresh and tiny
  • 6-week milestone: still very tiny but starting to smile, more alert, life is starting to settle down a little
  • 3 months old:  push-ups, smiling and laughing, starting to roll
  • 6 months old: sitter sessions, becoming more social, playing with hands and toys
  • 9/10 months old: crawling, and pulling themselves up
  • 12 months old: first steps




3 6 9 & 12 Months

Package price £450 for all 4  sessions a saving of £350.00

Sessions can be purchased individually at £155.00 per session. this is just the session with 1 x 10 x 8 photo of your choice





Further guidence that will aid you in choosing the best time for Photos