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What to Wear on a Lifestyle Photoshoot

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Other than location, choosing your outfit for your lifestyle photoshoot is one of the most difficult decisions to make.  And as it should be!

When there is more than one person in your photoshoot — like, if you’re having an engagement session or a family session — you will want to put some thought into your group’s attire.  Your outfit can make your photos look drab or fab!  (Hee hee… sounds like an ad jingle, doesn’t it?!!)

The Key

You want to look coordinated, but NOT matchy-matchy! (See photo above)

The modern way of coordinating groups is to let everyone be unique, as we all are.  What you want to avoid is having everyone in identical outfits, like the same colored shirts and the same kind of bottoms.  This was a photography trend in the ’80s and ’90s.

Important Note

I am not saying that anyone — clients or other photographers — who prefers that groups entirely match in outfits should change their style or have bad taste.  Style is completely subjective.

These tips are to help those who would like tips in choosing outfits.  Please remember, in the end, wear what you (and the rest of the group) feel most comfortable!  Being comfortable and “yourselves” is what will make you the most relaxed at your shoot.

For instance, if a woman decides to wear a skirt with high heels, but she hasn’t worn heels in years, her discomfort will show in the photos.  If little Bobby prefers soft cotton shirts, but his parents put him in a crisp linen button-down….oh boy!

Whether you follow my tips or the tips of others, always remember who you’re dressing and what everyone will enjoy wearing.  Being comfortable and happy in what you wear should trump any tip!  :)

Tip:  Be an Individual, Not Identical

One way to start is coming up with a color scheme, style, pattern or theme.  It could also be a piece that inspires you, like a scarf, a shirt, or a hat.  Then tie everyone else’s outfit around that inspiration piece.


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