Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale..Your wedding day is probably one of the greatest days of your life and naturally you want it to be special for the both of you and your invited guests, however while there is a reverence & seriousness about a Wedding day they can also be times of joy and laughter for capturing moments that you will cherish forever, People can feel good in front of the camera only when you learn to help them feel comfortable being there! It is about infusing them with your passion and helping them to enjoy the moment.

For me as a photographer capturing the moment and essence of life itself is utmost importance to me, I want people in 20 years time to look back on their wedding photos and really being able to relive the experience.

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Darren & Tracey EmmersonDarren & Tracey Emmerson    Graeme & Jacqui Fipps Jane & Irene   Eddie & Abbie